Photography by Gazzarazzi Photography.



Developed after 5 years of research into sound characteristics and acoustics, The Arena was built to accommodate the sound system, giving you the ultimate 360 degree aural stimulation. ARQ's Arena is known all over the world for its penetrating sound, it's euphoric lighting displays, our resident performers and their guests, and a mezzanine level that allows you to rise above the magic and take it in from above. The Arena is Sydney's most aspiring clubbing venue today, and has been at the forefront of entertainment for over 18yrs.



Designed as ARQ's intimate performance space,  our purpose built staging downstairs is equipped with backstage facilities + dressing rooms, and plays host to a multitude of production shows by our resident performers each Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday..and our Vortex DJ's are with you on the dance floor. Renowned for its versatility, revered for its grandeur and admired for its functionality, The Vortex may also play host to a number of alternative events on a regular basis from party promoters you know and love.