NSW GOVERNMENT MEDIA RELEASE : Public to have its say on current lock-out laws

The following is extracted from a Media Release dated Thursday February 11th 2016 from the NSW Government. 


The public is being invited to have its say in an independent, evidence-based review of the 1.30am lockouts, 3am last drinks and 10pm takeaway liquor laws that will be led by a former High Court judge, Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice Troy Grant announced today.

Mr Grant said the NSW Government had appointed former High Court Justice, the Hon. Ian Callinan AC QC, who helped establish the Fitzgerald Inquiry into police corruption in Queensland, to lead the statutory review of liquor laws which were introduced in 2014 in response to alcohol-fuelled violence. The review will assess the effectiveness of the 1.30am lockouts and 3am last drinks legislation that apply in Kings Cross and Sydney CBD precincts while also looking at the state-wide 10pm restriction of take away liquor sales. The review will also examine the periodic licensing fee system for NSW licensed venues. “The Callinan Review will provide an independent, open and transparent assessment of the state’s liquor laws, focusing on the facts, to advise the NSW Government on the future of these laws in NSW,’’ Mr Grant said. “I want to make it clear it does not have a foregone conclusion – it will be guided by the evidence and the experiences of the people of Sydney and NSW. “Hearing from the public and all interested stakeholders will be a crucial component of the Callinan Review and I encourage anyone who has a view to express it in writing. “Mr Callinan is the right man for the job because he has a lifetime of experience leading evidence-based inquiries and exercising the independence of an official of the highest court in our country.” The review’s terms of reference include examination of the impacts on alcohol-related violence and other harms and impacts on business, patrons and community amenity. Mr Callinan will provide his final report to Government in August 2016. Government will consider the findings and recommendations before providing a response later in 2016. He will be assisted by Senior Counsel, Jonathan Horton and the Destination NSW, NSW Police Force, NSW Health, Liquor and Gaming NSW, Treasury and Premier and Cabinet Submissions can be made online or by mail. Further details of the review and consultation process are available at http://www.justice.nsw.gov.au/liquorlawreview Additionally, the NSW Government will host a Safe and Vibrant Sydney Nightlife Roundtable and feedback from this roundtable will be considered as part of the Callinan Review. MEDIA: Jarrad Schwark (Deputy Premier) 0429 234 308 Terms of reference  On 30 January 2014, the NSW Parliament passed the Liquor Amendment Act 2014 which implemented a package of new reforms to tackle alcohol-related violence. The reforms included the imposition of 1.30am lock out and 3am cessation of liquor sales requirements on venues in the Sydney CBD Entertainment and Kings Cross Precincts. These requirements took effect on 24 February 2014.  Clause 47 of Schedule 1 of the Liquor Act 2007 requires the Minister to appoint an independent person with appropriate expertise, knowledge and skills to chair a review of the lockout and 3am cessation of liquor sales provisions to determine whether their policy objectives remain valid and their terms appropriate for securing those objectives.  The review is to be undertaken as soon as possible after two years following the date of assent (5 February 2014) and the Minister is to report to the Premier on the outcome of the review as soon as practicable after the review is completed.  The review will assess the impacts of the 1.30am lock out and 3am cessation of liquor sales requirements on: - alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct, Kings Cross Precinct, potential displacement areas, and the broader community; - safety and general amenity in the Sydney CBD Entertainment Precinct, Kings Cross Precinct, and potential displacement areas; - government, industry and community stakeholders, including business, financial and social impacts, and the impacts on patrons and residents (including whether venues continue to trade after 3am when alcohol service ceases).

 The review will consider the positive and negative impacts of the 10pm takeaway liquor restriction across NSW, with particular regard to the needs of rural and remote communities, and the social and economic impacts of the restriction on those communities.

 The review will consider the impact of the periodic licensing fee system on business viability and vibrancy.

 An expert advisory group, with knowledge of the issues affecting industry and the community, will be convened to provide advice to the chair of the review.

 Liquor & Gaming NSW (L&GNSW) will provide appropriate secretariat and technical support to the review.

 The review will include consultation with key government, industry and community stakeholders, and will include a written submission process open to all persons.

 The review will include an analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data sources, including data from the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research relating to alcohol-related violence and anti-social behaviour.

 A final review report will be submitted to the Government for consideration in Augus 2016