DJ Dan Murphy - "Consult with the industry you're destroying"

Our bestie, Dan Murphy, wrote an open letter to our Premier Mike Baird today. 

My letter to Mike Baird in relation to the lock-out laws. Please click here to send your own letter to him as well:…/contact-premier-new-south-wales

Dear Mr Baird,

I absolutely agree with your mission to reduce violence. Unfortunately the lock-out laws are not a successful way to make this happen.

You mentioned in your notorious facebook post (good job btw, I wish I could get that much engagement on my fb posts!) that assaults are down by 42%. Statistics show that foot traffic is down by at least 60% though, which means it’s actually more dangerous to be on the streets now.

At the risk of sounding “hysterical” I agree with the statement that Sydney’s nightlife culture and its businesses are dying.

I work as a DJ on the gay scene and since the introduction of the lock-out laws, patronage has dropped so opening hours have shortened. DJ set availabilities have reduced and a lot of performers & bar staff have lost work.

My first ever gig was at ARQ Sydney on a Monday morning starting at 5am. It was a trial set, only a couple of hundred people in the club, but a great way for the owner to test out new DJs. I don’t want to sound wanky… but since then I’ve gone on to DJ at Mardi Gras and all around the world - and it all started with a little trial set at 5am on a Monday morning. There’s no room for trial sets for new DJs anymore. Clubs are only able to open for reduced hours and they put their best and most experienced DJs in to try and hold the crowd. How are we going to be able to discover and nurture new talent in this situation?

On Saturday I was at a new club night put on by two of our great local DJs who both play internationally and have a great following. I arrived at 12:30am and the place was packed and pumping, but by 1:15am it had cleared out because everyone wanted to get into Arq before the lockout. The lock-out laws mean small clubs and bars, or underground and experimental nights are struggling to be financially (and creatively) viable.

The ability to experiment with music and performance is dying in Sydney. 
The ability to choose two, three or four venues to go over the course of a night has already died in Sydney.

When you’re reviewing the lock-out laws I urge you to consult with the nightlife industry you’re destroying. Please! Surely working together to find a solution will be more successful that simply locking people outside.