ARQSydney - We don't tolerate bullies.

We received a lot of feedback last week about a post ARQ Sydney was tagged in on facebook, so much so that we feel the need to respond publicly. Although we tried doing that on the post itself, our comments kept being deleted - so we thought we'd take matters into our own hands. 

We pride ourselves on acceptance, tolerance and understanding.
We welcome all walks into our doors, provided they want to have safe and harmless fun.
Online bullying is, in our opinion, a tactic used by the weak - and more often than not, it stems from a place of insecurity and is reflective of the persons feelings of themselves. 

We do not tolerate bullying in any form.

Our stance on tolerance and acceptance will remain strong - everybody deserves a safe house, and we want that to continue to be ARQ. Come in, nobody will make your life miserable inside our walls! And our managers and security guards are here to help, so if something's not right, have a chat to them. 

In an instance where ARQ Sydney's name is connected to online bullying, message us on facebook so that we can tell them what we think. 

If you are a victim of online bullying and don't know where to turn, please visit this website.