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- Sunday - PASSPORT PARTY - Internationals get in free - Mardi Gras Week at ARQ Sydney

Simply put, it is ARQ Sydney's biggest night of the year. We close off Mardi Gras weekend with a party you can not miss. And, we've gotten rid of any excuses's free if you've got an international passport, and only $5 if you're a local. 

Two of Australia's most successful import/export DJ's, Beth Yen (HEDKANDI, originally from UK) & Alex Taylor (MINISTRY, originally from NZ), are on warm up duties in The Arena for an International DJ we are chomping at the bit to's a trio that is unmatched anywhere in Sydney on Sunday night after Mardi Gras, a line-up that would rival the worlds biggest parties.

And that's only the start of it...



Free for internationals. $5 for locals. 2 locals who headline throughout Europe including Ibiza, Matinee...through ASIA, and all over Australia. Who have both recorded albums for labels like Ministry & HedKandi. 

Four more locals, all of whom have played to thousands at Mardi Gras party, and reside at ARQ each week...DJ's you know and love.