ARQ Sydney owns and reserves the rights to the use of "ARQ", "ARQ SYDNEY" and any associated brand assets, such as those found in the dropbox link under the Brand Assets tab of this site. 

If you use any of our company assets without written permission from our Marketing Manager, you may receive a letter of demand for its removal, which if ignored may result in you facing legal action.

Without written permission, ARQ Sydney's branding and company identities (including the name) are not, under any circumstance, to be connected to

- Any competitor venues
- Any defamatory publications, either personal or business
- Anything that promotes unsafe or illegal behaviour
- Anything that promotes bullying, intolerance or non-acceptance, particularly towards towards the LGBTQI community

If you've seen our logo or our name somewhere and you suspect it is against our corporate image, please email our Marketing Manager at 


ARQ Sydney Marketing.